Bytecode files

Many developers do not want to give other people access to the game-source. For this reason, every time a game code is compiled by Ethanon, the engine generates a game.bin bytecode file in the local external storage directory.

To make the machine run the game bytecode instead of compiling the source from main.angelscript, just distribute your game with the .bin file in the project's root directory and remove all your source code from the package, including the main.angelscript. The bytecode file will be automatically generated every time the machine runs and finds the source-code.

Some platforms have different bytecode file name such as android_game.bin. Each platform must distribute the bytecode file with the matching name. Previously, Ethanon wouldn't support cross-platform bytecode files, and .bin files would need to run on the same architecture it has been built. Currently Ethanon engine supports cross-platform byte code. In the future all files will be called simply game.bin disregarding its original platform.
Remark: keep in mind that the TESTING directive is defined when the code is compiled in test mode (the Build and Run feature). For final releases of the product, it is recommended to build the game.bin with the Build feature, which is normally started by the F5 or Cmd + B.