All entities, particles and scenes are created and edited in the Ethanon Editors, however programming is necessary to make the game work. For game development, programming tools are essential.

Scripting is required for moving and animating a character, controlling monsters and NPCs, sending players to the next level, saving and loading games and everything else. For that purpose, EE uses the AngelScript language:

The AngelCode Scripting Library, or AngelScript as it is also known, is an extremely flexible cross-platform scripting library designed to allow applications to extend their functionality through external scripts. It has been designed from the beginning to be an easy to use component, both for the application programmer and the script writer.

For the script writer the scripting language follows the widely known syntax of C/C++, but without the need to worry about pointers and memory leaks. Contrary to most scripting languages, AngelScript uses the common C/C++ datatypes for more efficient communication with the host application.

Heads up!

This section of the manual assumes that the reader is already familiar to C, C++, Java or C# (intermediate C++ experience is recommended). It introduces the reader to the scripting language features, showing the main differences between AngelScript and other known languages, and how the engine reads and executes scripts.


From this point, it is recommended that users who have never used AngelScript before take a look at its manual: