Remarks on bucket usage

  • The Scene Editor has 512x512 buckets instead of the default 256x256.
  • For correct lighting and culling, entities in scene shouldn't be larger than the buckets. For example: if your bucket dimension equals 128x128 pixels, the entity sprites in scene shouldn't exceed that size. Ethanon Engine won't return any error messages if the scene doesn't follow these rules, but the end-user might experience lighting and culling artifacts.
  • An entity may intersect two or more buckets at the same time, but it will only be placed in the bucket where its origin is. The developer must keep that in mind while performing operations such as collision detection, and maybe even including to the test the buckets around the main bucket to avoid disconnecting entities.
  • Although the bucket key is based on a floating point vector (vector2), its identification must always be integer. E.g. Right: (40.0f,3.0f), wrong: (10.5f,0.333f).