Scene Editor

Once the entities (*.ent files) are ready, the Scene Editor is used to compose complex scenes.


  • Use the entity selection bar on the bottom of the screen or roll the mouse wheel to browse existing entities
  • Left-click anywhere to place the entity where the cursor is
  • Right-click anywhere to switch to entity selection mode
  • Once in selection mode, left-click any entity in scene to select it
  • Drag and drop any selected entity to move it
  • Press Delete to remove the selected entity from scene
  • While in the entity placing mode, Hold SHIFT to align it as a tile map
  • Press 'F' to change the starting frame from the selected entity (if it has animation)
  • Hit 'Q' and 'W' keys to rotate entities before placing them.

File Menu:

  • New: clear scene and starts a new one.
  • Open: open a scene.
  • Save: saves scene.
  • Save as...: save scene as...
  • Go to project manager: sends the user back to the project manager.

Right panel:

Lighting mode:

  • Pixel shaded: enables per-pixel lighting (if supported).
  • Vertex shaded: enables per-vertex lighting.


  • Place entity: activates the entity browsing and placing mode.
  • Select entity: activates the entity selection mode.
  • Ambient R/G/B: ambient light color.
  • Light intensity: multiply the intensity of every light source in scene.
  • Parallax: parallax effect intensity in scene. Parallax enhances 2D sprites depth feel according to entity's z-position.
  • Z-axis dir x/y: vector that represents the direction of the z-axis. The default vector is vector2(0,-1). These fields will be visible only if the "Show advanced options" field is active.
  • Update lightmaps: recalculates all lightmaps for static entities.
  • Update entities: updates all entities according to the last changes made to the original .ent files. Entities in scene whose original names were changed won't be automatically updated.
  • Toggle static/dynamic: toggles the state of the selected entity between static and dynamic.
  • Lock static entities: locks every static entity while in "Select entity" mode. Check this option to prevent static entities from being accidentally moved.
  • Use static lightmaps: enables or disables pre-rendered static lightmaps.
  • Show custom data: when active, shows all custom data stored in the entities.

"Select entity" mode:

While in selection mode, the entity ID will appear at the upper left corner of selected and highlighted entities.

"Place entity" mode:

  • A: indicates that the entity has sound effects.
  • B: indicates that there's a light here.
  • C: indicates that there are particles here.

While browsing entities in the "Place entity" mode, symbols  and  mean that there's either a light source or a particle system attached to the entity.